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Novivia is an IT solutions company based in Montreal. We proudly use our expertise to develop and enable solutions for our customers to be more efficient and simplify their business processes and information management.

We provide IT services, build information systems and implement technological solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We also provide IT infrastructures management for our customers. From websites to infrastructure maintenance or upgrades to fully integrated management systems.

Our services - What we can do for you.

Business management systems

We have been building business management systems for over 20 years, allowing businesses to be more efficient and access their information safely. That is our main expertise. We have experience in building informational and transactional systems for sales, automotive insurance, events (venues, ticketing, festivals) and storage/warehousing industries. We have a ready-made framework enabling us to rapidly develop and implement a management system solution for your business.

We have a solution for your needs

We manage IT infrastructures for small and medium sized businesses. We can manage your employees’ workstations, network, security and VPN access. If you can't afford to have IT specialists or technicians on a full time basis and yet you need support on small issues from time to time, we have a solution.

Web and mobile development

We develop websites and mobile applications for our clients, enabling them to reach more customers with professionalism. We believe that having a good presence on the web and on mobile is necessary today.

Unified and voice communications

We install and maintain voice communication and telephony systems. We install and maintain Cisco, Digium and Asterisk products for the telephony and IP telephony needs of our customers. We can rapidly implement a cost effective and flexible voice communication solution in your business.

We have a solution for your needs.



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1982 Beaubien Est.

Montréal (Québec)

H2G 1M1 Canada